How to start a business without capital in Ethiopia

How do I start without capital, many ask about ways to earn money and ways to start getting money in light of the high prices, we offer you in the lines of this article very important information about how to start a project without capital.

Below we will show you an answer to a question that many individuals seek to reach a solution to start on the path of a project and make profits, because many of us do not have the cost of a project but want to advance And up, in the coming lines, you will find magic ways to get a solution and start a lot of projects without the presence of capital. There is an idea that we put forward to you, which is the idea of ​​creating projects without capital.

The beginning is to define the area that you love and want to earn money from, you have to define the project that is suitable for a set of skills that you possess because you are the capital, in this case, it may come to your mind now that we are going to advise you to take a loan, this is not the case.

A project without costs
You do not need to seek the help of companies and offices specialized in granting project loans. You will only define your project, let it be a clothing store, then in the second step, make an advertisement for the idea.

Advertise on social media, all this makes you decide whether you will have customers or not, this indicates for you to continue or retreat and start a new idea, after making sure that there are customers.

You should use low-cost ideas and start marketing your project, buy decorations and some flowers, and do more advertising in the vicinity of your residence to attract customers who want to decorate their cars.
Any woman who does not have the capital and wants profit can take care of the children, it does not need any cost. Just advertise that you can take care of children from such time to such time.

You will be at home and a group of children comes to you and you will have to take care of them in return. Of the projects that do not require the cost of the real estate leasing project, rent a room from the rooms of your house to conduct any matter in it such as trade or preparing tools for work or for a teacher to give lessons to students in it.

A project that goes into gold without capital
If you are looking for a project that enters gold without capital, here are the following ideas and at no cost, follow the next projects: You can work in the field of coordinating events and organizing events, which does not require any capital, but rather effort and skill.
You have to market for yourself and develop your administrative skills, to have the ability to organize parties and events and individuals trust you to organize their important events.

You can also organize weddings, success parties, and engagement parties in the neighborhood or in the residential area around you.
If you are a girl or a man who loves the kitchen and can be creative in the kitchen, you can make food and sweets and sell them, it only takes the cost of ingredients and then make food and sweets and sell them through the Internet and you do not need capital.

Micro-Enterprise Ideas
Here are micro-project ideas that you can do with very small capital, and you can ask for project financing from a microenterprise finance institution, the ideas are as follows:

You can start a leather dyeing project, start the project from your home, and the profits will be large in light of micro-capital. After success, you can rent a place and enlarge your project.
You can start a liquid detergent manufacturing project as it is a low-cost project because you do not need a place, but you can start working at home.
The way liquid detergents work is simple, you only need a specific soap and simple materials that do not require a cost.

You can open your own business by buying and reselling some commodities, such as bread, and then selling it And buy vegetables and then sell them because not all people can buy bread from the oven due to their working conditions, so buy early in the morning, buy bread and vegetables that are not available in abundance, then sell at a price difference and make a profit.