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How to become an Android Developer to build my first apps

Android application, starting from the idea of marketing the application
It seems that the world has progressed rapidly in recent years, in previous years there was no such thing as total dependence on the phone, and the phone was just a communication tool, and if it rose, it is a tool for listening to songs and playing games, and the Internet connection is very difficult, but Immediately after the emergence of Android and IOS systems that toppled Symbian systems, and the backwardness of the Symbian system and its failure to keep pace with both previous systems made it far behind, and finally it was removed from the competition after not many years.

Application idea:
I do not want you to learn programming in Java or whatever, and I do not want you in the first stage to install and open Android Studio, nothing of this, but rather I want you in the first stage, to take a piece of paper and a pen, and think carefully about an application that is not like other applications Let us from vulgar applications, we want a new application that bears your personal fingerprint, and if your goal of the application is profit only and not an application that you want to create and make it an application that is not like other applications, there is no problem with that too, you can rely on the principle of vulgar innovation, first .e. taking

first plan your app

The idea of ​​another application and improving it well, therefore, first of all, we need the idea of ​​the application, we cannot do anything without a goal, and the idea of ​​the application is the supreme goal that we have to strive to achieve, take your entire time searching for an idea, perhaps an application for decorating pictures, or Maybe an educational application for a specific programming language or something like that, and remember, take your time.

Learn the required languages
We have the interface ready, we have the way the application we want to work, and we also have the appropriate databases to store the data (if it exists), as if we now have all the building tools, and what we need now is start building, to do that, we have to define the languages.

The software that will contribute to building this matter, and you will agree with me that Java is the most powerful language for programming Android applications until now, therefore, you should search for strong and good courses to learn to program in the Java language, then learn programming Android applications using Java as well, you can at this stage Depending on what matters to your application, if your application does not include any databases and data storage, there is no need to watch the videos that talk about this matter, and you can watch them later when you want to learn only and not create a specific application, and to reduce the time, try to watch only the videos That explain what your app entails.

Application trial and error detection
At this stage, you have to focus well, some errors in the application may lead to a bad UX experience with the user, and the last thing we want is the user’s dissatisfaction with our application, therefore, in order to make the most of this matter we will need to try the application And, in order to try it, we have two methods, either we publish it in some development communities for programmers, and through them we will get their opinions about the application and how we can improve it for the better, and what things we have overlooked, and we can also discover the common Errors and Bugs in Our own application, and through it we will be able to develop our application for the better, and if we do not find such societies in which we share our applications, we can only launch the application in the form of Beta, that is, in its trial version, in order to allow users to provide their explicit opinions about our application, and so we will always be able From developing the application to the best and always getting the satisfaction of the users.

Application development
The sensitive stage between all the stages, at this stage you will unleash your creativity, and you will launch your application for everyone to see, you have to publish the application clearly and unambiguously, first, the logo of the application must be yours, that you have designed it yourself, and it suggests what the application is and the goal From it, then the images, the screenshots must be from the same application, and not from another application.

Application Marketing

Our publishing of the application is nothing but taking the application out from programmers into the world of ordinary users, this means that your application now is a live application, but no one uses it, therefore, we have to rely on some marketing principles in order to spread our application to the public, to do so, we will rely on two things, either

Marketing through social media and social sites, or we rely on the search engine in the application store, and this is called the ASO, let’s start with the first, which is marketing through social media, we advise you to create pages and accounts in the same field of your application, bring followers and fans For that domain, then publish your application with them.

What I am trying to tell you here is that you will have to get some ideas and information on how to make your application in the first place in the search engines of the application store, you can He did this by focusing in the headline on what attracts people the most, as well as the description, etc.