How much money you can earn from YouTube? and how many ways to earn money from YouTube

How much money you can earn from YouTube?
So today we are going to talk about how much money we can earn from YouTube in 2020 and how many ways to earn money from YouTube. All the confusion in your mind will all go away after reading this entire article.

How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube?
How much money you can make on youtube per 1000 views
So let’s talk about the first way, friends. the first way to make money from YouTube is Google Adsense when the monetization of your YouTube channel is enabled after that Google Adsense aids come on your video. Now the more views your video will get and the more times the ad shows on those views, then Google will pay you 45% of that ad, after cutting it and 55%.

How much money you can earn from YouTube?

how many views how much money 2021
If this question comes to your mind, how much money does a view get? So no one can tell you, almost an idea is told and it depends on the CPC and the CPC gets less every day every month. In such a situation, if I tell you the average, today you get about $ 3 dollars from 4000 to 5000 views.

YouTube sponsorship.
Another way to earn money from YouTube is sponsorship, when your subscribers become more, your videos also get more views. In such a situation, there are many companies that monitor YouTube and get their product reviewed.

For example, if your channel is in the tech category, you will get sponsorship applications from the website, in addition to this there will be any electronic products such as speakers, headphones, or cameras, you also pay a lot of money to get all these products reviewed. Apart from this, many companies also give you products.

How much money can you get from YouTube sponsorship?
Now the question will be in your mind that how much money can be earned from the sponsorship of a video? So it depends on your views if your views go from 4000 to 5000 on every video, then you can get sponsorship of 2000 to ₹ 5000 if you make a single dedicated video on that product.

Apart from this, if you make an ad review video, like in any video, you have spoken about 40 to 50 seconds about that product, in this case, you also get 1000 to ₹ 3000.

Now depending on the dependent companies here, some companies have very low budgets, so they can give you less money. But it also depends on you whether you want to work for less money or not. And I will recommend you if you do not work for less money, in such a way, your channel and your value decreases in the eyes of the company.

Never make this mistake
One thing and always keep in mind that do not do any app or product procedure that will harm your audience subscribers because you are successful because of those audiences and if they are harmed because of you then it will be a mistake and very It would be dirty and dirty.

YouTube Amazon Affiliate
After this, the third way to earn money from YouTube is Amazon Affiliate Marketing. First, you have to join an affiliate marketing program. After that, if any product is sold, Amazon will pay you according to the% of the product that will go into your bank account.

How much money you can earn from YouTube?

That is, you share a link to that product in the YouTube video description. And tell our audience about that product. And if your subscribers buy that product, they can still earn a lot of money.

Now it depends on how much you can get Amazon’s product sold, the more you sell, the more your income will be from the affiliate marketing program.

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So these are the three biggest ways to earn money from YouTube by using the methods you can make a good career online.
But you have to keep this in mind always, you will take time in all these things, you have to keep a mind, if you start a YouTube channel, then the first payment will be from your Google Adsense which will be around 7000 and that first payment will be from you about 7 Will be available in 8 months or may take 1 year. If you have had good luck, you have worked hard, then your first payment can come in 3 to 4 months.

Apart from this, as you continue to work, the old people will keep getting old and the subscribers will continue to grow. In the same way, you will start getting sponsorship more. Apart from this, if you will give the link of Amazon Affiliate Marketing to the description and tell people about it, then income will also start gradually from there.

Important thing
Always remember two things, the first thing you have to do is to be patient.
Apart from this, you always have to be honest and honest.

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