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How do I get free Bitcoin? without buying or investing in Ethiopia

How to get free Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a type of currency that can be obtained through the Internet, and after creating a certain number, this bitcoin is exchanged for money, so we will answer the question that some people have, which is how do I get free Bitcoin easily.

What is Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a currency that appeared in 2009 on the third of January that year, it is a type of cryptocurrency that was designed by an unknown person called (Satoshi Nakamoto), this currency is similar to the dollar and the euro, but the difference is that it is a fake currency.

In order to be able to collect bitcoin, you must have a wallet in which you keep the bitcoin, which is acquired in several ways, as we will see together in our journey with how to get bitcoin for free.

Bitcoin mining
These methods are considered one of the most distinctive ways to obtain Bitcoin, especially since this method gives an opportunity for every user to do it for the same currency, but one of the disadvantages of this method is that it requires a strong computer

Earn bitcoin by watching videos; One of the ways to earn Bitcoin is by watching short videos. Vidybit is the best platform that helps you watch the largest amount of videos possible in an unlimited time.
Most of the time the video is just 1 minute, and with every video you watch, you earn Bitcoin.

Earn bitcoin by accepting payment with it recent period, some companies have appeared that accept payment through Bitcoin currency, because they use energy through the Bitcoin currency, among the most famous of these companies is Dell and Tiger Direct, which are two of the largest companies that accept transactions through Bitcoin.

This method is considered one of the most popular ways to get bitcoin, these programs offer Bitcoin for free without incurring any fees from the client, one of the most famous of these programs is the TryBTC program, in addition to the presence of many programs that allow you when used to earn five dollars when you register on the site.

How to win Bitcoin
There are many ways to get Bitcoin faucets are one of the popular methods that help create bitcoin for free, all you have to do is log in every minute to the site and you will get a few cents and after collecting these cents, you can create bitcoin. Freebitco. is one of the most popular lotteries and gambling sites and you can win a tap by creating bitcoins.

Shortening links
When you decide to earn Bitcoin by shortening the links, this requires that you send hundreds of links through the Internet every day, and you can also share many links on social media sites on a daily basis.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your link, the site will convert that user to a page that contains ads before it is converted to your original link, and you can thus make profits through the user’s viewing of this advertisement.

Get some bitcoin cash for free is one of the sites that offer Bitcoin, and it is one of the official sites that offer Bitcoin cash simply without downloading a wallet. Conditions that you must fulfill to obtain Bitcoin Any way to make money through the Internet has several conditions that you must have, and these conditions include the following:

The presence of your own computer or mobile device as long as it is connected to the Internet.
Availability of Gmail account.
A simple bitcoin wallet address.
Best Bitcoin Earning Site
There are many good websites that help you earn Bitcoin, including:

1 Coin Bulb
This site is one of the best sites through which you can profit bitcoin, the feature available on this site is that it gives a high value when you see the ads on this site, and you can get thousands of Satoshi Hut in a short time.
One of the best things about this site is that if you click on all the ads on this site, it will not take more than seven minutes of your time.

2- RefBit
This site is also one of the excellent sites in collecting bitcoins because it allows you to get a good amount of watching ads through it, it is one of the famous sites on the list of the best bitcoin profit sites.
This site has been operating since 2013 and to this day, and this site has visitors and a huge base of active members who access this on a daily basis.

One of the advantages of this site is that you have a large daily number of ads on this site, and if you buy from this site a bunch of memberships, it will help you get double profits.

This site is one of the favorite sites that give you from 40 to 50 ads per day. The duration of the advertisement on this site does not exceed 15 seconds.
Of course, the more ads you see, the greater the chance to profit, because each ad gives you 100 satoshi, and the minimum payment is 15,000 satoshi that is transferred to your wallet