5 must-have Chrome extensions for students

Best free chrome extensions for students 2021 | 5 must-have Chrome extensions

Hey guys, Welcome back to my site. So in this article today, I’m going to be telling you about 5 must-have Chrome extensions for students.

So the first one here is called the WEAVA is a Chrome extension that basically allows you to highlight web pages using different colors and then save the text that you highlighted into folders, which you can access at. the extension window in the extension window. you can also click on one of the highlights and it will bring you immediately to the spot on the page where that information is. This is really useful.

If you’re doing a research paper or project and you want to gather data or information that stands out to you from certain websites and journals and have them saved so that you can access them easily again after too many times. I’ve caught on a web page and forgot the one paragraph or a statistic that I was looking for, but we’ve essentially solved that problem even with the free version. this is definitely a tool that I recommend for those of you who have to do a lot of research projects.

The next section is called Cluster – Window & Tab Manager. You’ve likely encountered the problem of having way too many tabs open in one window and then not knowing which tab is what because the tabs are so small and tiny that you can barely read what it is.

Cluster is basically an extension that helps you manage your tabs so that you can actually save the tabs that you have open put them into a category and then be able to reopen some or all of them with just a click and also search and filter your tabs.

Window & Tab Manager.

I like to think of it as basically an advanced bookmark manager just because you can save pages that you’re interested in this again would be really useful if you’re a student who has to do a lot of research. I honestly wish that I found this earlier for all my papers in nursing but this is an extension that I’m done to use in my life.

The third section is called NOISLI that I’ve been using this for years now and basically just adds calming background noise to help you focus when doing work and also make your own combination that you can access from the extension bar. They also have a timer.

So if you’re into the Pomodoro Technique or you want to set your own timer for work, you can easily do that through the extension window on the actual noise Lee page. You have the option of typing in a minimal distraction. Page along with the background noise. So essentially you could just write down whatever drop-down quick thoughts ideas write down stories and then you can actually save whatever you wrote to something like Google Drive. My favorite way to use noisily is actually to use that with music.

This next extension is called Memorize! if you’re someone who wants to Ace the exam through active recall and spaced repetition and is able to study even when browsing distracting websites.


Then this is an extension that you have to have because it will probably Memorize! the damage that going YouTube or Facebook will have on your grades you are basically able to set your own questions and answers and choose to be asked a question every 10 minutes 20 minutes.

However long you choose to set the interval to so even if you’re busy browsing or doing research you can still test yourself on Concepts that will be on your exams.

Lastly. We have a Google dictionary. It’s a really simple one but it allows you to figure out the definition of words just by highlighting a word on a page before this. I would actually open a new tab too quickly. Lit, but highlighting has made my reading a lot more efficient. I will warn though in my not know a lot of specialized jargon like medical terminology and all that. So it kind of depends on what word you’re trying to Define.

So that’s all for my five must-have Google Chrome extensions for students. I hope you guys got maybe one or two extensions from this ARTICLE. If you have any alternatives or other Google Chrome extensions that you like to recommend don’t forget to leave them in the comments below so that other viewers can see them as well. To get a good one.

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