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Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2021

Good morning, dear readers Today’s post is dedicated to Bitcoin wallets, specifically, what it is, how to create, and where to replenish a Bitcoin wallet, and also what Bitcoin address is in transactions with Bitcoins.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet for beginners and what services you can register; What are the ways to renew a Bitcoin wallet?

The 7 best Bitcoin wallets for the year 2021 we offer you in this topic through the Money Makers website, as Bitcoin wallets have become one of the things that occupy many workers in the field of cryptocurrency exchange, as it is one of the most important ways in which encrypted digital currencies can be preserved from hackers Hardware wallets are the most secure type of wallets, and they can be used without an Internet connection, and software wallets are mostly of the hot type that requires an Internet connection, so they are exposed to more risk, so we will mention the 7 best Bitcoin wallets for 2021 and the operating systems that support them.

best bitcoin wallets of 2021

best bitcoin

It is considered one of the most advanced and secure wallets, it is a multi-verification and long-term wallet that was borrowed from GreenAddress and also supports TREZOR and Ledger wallets, and it works on the Android system only and has been developed by Blockstream, which is one of the most important Bitcoin developers. Globally, this portfolio is characterized by:

  • It is an open-source wallet.
  • Shared portfolio.
  • You can easily access the wallet from any browser on your device via the Chrome extension.
  • Instant confirmation feature as you do not wait long for confirmation of your received or sent payments.
  • The wallet is protected by a 24-word security seed that is used when creating the wallet.
  • The ability to make two-factor authentication for all payment confirmations.
  • The PIN number, which is specified when creating the wallet in order to secure it, and you must enter it correctly upon registration, and if you enter it three times incorrectly, the wallet is encrypted and you can then use the 24-word security password to unlock the wallet.
  • Opening the wallet at first is a bit difficult and takes time and then it opens with ease.
  • Bitcoin wallet
    This wallet is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets that has been created and has been downloaded more than a million times by the Google Store, and it works on Android mobile devices, and this wallet is characterized by the following:
  • The ability to start using the wallet as soon as it is installed on the mobile device, unlike other wallets, because the PIN code is not created nor the seeds are written, but that makes it less secure, as anyone can get your balance easily, and your balance cannot be recovered in the event of losing the phone or Stolen or damaged.
  • The interface of the program is easy to use and clear where you can easily send and receive payments with one click, so it is ideal for new users.
  • Bitcoin wallet supports address books for common addresses.
  • You can view your balances in BTC, MBTC, and TCBTC in addition to their local legal tender.
  • The Bitcoin wallet is open source.
  • You can save the key for the wallet on your device to increase the security rate.
  • Bitcoin Android Wallet SegWit support feature which supports multiple paper wallets, with which you can store most of your Bitcoin in the freezer and transfer only what you need in a hot wallet.


It is a popular high-security wallet that works with the Android system and was developed by a Bitcoin company behind the famous Bitcoin blockchain browser, and the wallet has been installed more than 5 million times on the Google Store and has a very high rating of 4,5 Nedjma, but it is not open source, meaning its authenticity has not been reviewed by the cryptocurrency community and only its developer has been relied upon, and this wallet is characterized by the following:

  • The wallet features support for more than 21 languages.
  • It is one of the wallets backed by the list that is more than Bitcoin.
  • The wallet can be used to store other currencies on it such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Coin, and Paxos
  • It features a high-fidelity title structure.
  • It features two-factor authentication.
  • Learn biometric on mobile.
  • Owns server-side entropy of the wallet to ensure maximum randomness.
  • It contains exchange functions that enable you to buy and sell the cryptocurrency at any time at an attractive price.
  • It is one of the easiest to use wallets and very suitable for beginners.
  • Tokens can be used to send and receive payments instantly.
  • 6- Coin wallet

It is one of the distinctive Bitcoin wallets that work on the Android system and it has been installed on mobile devices more than 500 thousand times from the Google Store, and it is one of the non-open source wallets so the external community cannot verify its authenticity, as it has received a very high rating of 4 6 stars, and this wallet is characterized by the following.

  • The wallet supports Bitcoin and 1000 other major groups.
  • The wallet supports all altcoins and a thousand ERC-20 tokens
  • It has a seed of 12 words that is used when using the wallet for the first time.
  • The wallet features a backup cryptocurrency to open the wallet and confirm the transaction instead of a PIN code
  • The wallet is multi-asset and integrates exchange services into the wallet and tokens supported by Shapeshift or Changelly can be used.

It is one of the best bitcoin wallets that support the iOS operating system in the iPhone devices, and a version of this wallet has recently been released that also supports the Android system, and this wallet is characterized by the following.

  1. An open-source wallet so that the community can review its accuracy and degree of security.
  2. It features a simple and easy to use user interface with a passcode to unlock it.
  3. The ability to fully control the wallet’s private keys.
  4. The ability to send and receive payments easily and quickly.

  5. The Jaxx
    It is a bitcoin wallet that supports all available operating systems, whether Windows, Android, or iPhone devices, and it was developed by Antonio de Lorio, founder of Ethereum in 2014 AD, and this wallet is characterized by the ability to trade 69 digital cryptocurrencies and distinct symbols, and it is supported by users of the shapeshift, and it is best to use this wallet if you are trading between more than one cryptocurrency and not just Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin electronic wallet Electrum
    It is a light Bitcoin wallet that works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems, and is the best wallet that can be worked on through computers, whether beginners or experienced, and this wallet is characterized by the following.
  • Advantage of wallet hardware support (such as TREZOR, Ledger Nano, KeepKey).
  • The ability to safely store Bitcoin when your computer is not connected to the Internet.
  • It can be used on mobile phones as well, as it has been downloaded around 100,000 times through the Google Play store, but it has received poor reviews from users.
  • The wallet is protected by the 12-word seed you get when you install the wallet on your device for the first time, and if the device is lost or damaged, you can use these words to access your wallet.
  • The possibility of retrieving the wallet again if it was stolen.
  • The bitcoins you acquired are not lost if you are unable to access your wallet.
  • The wallet secures your account through a PIN number, which is a 6-digit personal identification code, which is used to open the wallet or when confirming any payment that is sent or received.
  • If you have this wallet on your computer, you can then get a copy of it on your mobile phone, but it is used for viewing only as you can view your current balance and receive coins only.
  • QR scanner feature that enables you to capture wallet addresses easily.
  • Two-factor authentication to confirm payment.
  • An open-source wallet, meaning you can see the wallet code to make sure it is robust

In the conclusion of our topic, we explained to you the 7 best Bitcoin wallets for the year 2021 and mentioned some advice that may interest you in this field, and we hope that we have provided you with the information we have provided you with information on that topic