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Best Android apps 2021: The ultimate guide

Today we will talk about the best wonderful and distinctive Android applications for every Android phone that you must download now, as it is one of the most wonderful applications in Google Play and you will definitely like it and download it for yourself.

Usually, what we will say continuously is that Google Play has more than 2 billion text applications, and more than 60 applications are downloaded daily, so we will highlight some wonderful and distinctive applications that you will download and impress you.

Universal Copy

Sometimes you want to copy text from an app or image and can’t use default pressing on Android for a long time?
Universal Copy removes this pain! In any application, activate the universal transcription mode and select the text you want to copy, that’s it!

Metropolis beta is an experimental live wallpaper. Bing Maps Unity SDK is used to load 3D cities onto your home screen. As you unlock or swipe through your screen, the city is also rotated in the animation to suit your gestures.

So I was alarmed at the OnePlus 6T not having an LED notification light so I tried to make one of them Since the OP6T display is integrated whenever the desired notification comes, the app comes with a black screen with notification LED notifications.

1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro free on playtore

This application is not free on the Google Play Store, but through today’s article, as we promised you, we will offer you a method for downloading there are four cleaners included in the app. Temporary file cleaner, log cleaner, call and message cleaner, these cleaners help you get more storage space for the internal memory of the phone by removing temporary files of applications, data files, search, and browsing logs. If you select apps to run some actions by default. Defaults deselect helps you in de-defaults apps.

B612 Beauty & Filter Camera

This application is for the phone camera, which is the most popular photography application where it can produce professional images similar to the images of real cameras through a variety of add-ons and filters built into the application.

B612 Beauty & Filter Camera

this app has won the satisfaction of many customers to the point that it has used more than the regular camera application and has received more than half a billion downloads since its inception directly from the Google Play Store and millions of downloads from various other stores.